TUC FEST New Website

TUC FEST New Website

In a world where visual art increasingly embraces the digital realm, TUC FEST has soared towards new horizons. It’s with a blend of excitement and pride that we announce the birth of our new website, a digital showcase that reflects the innovation and creativity that our festival has always embodied.

Picture a place where modernity meets functionality, a digital environment where every pixel is designed to enhance independent cinema and provide artists with a platform that meets their expectations. The new TUC FEST website is just that: a virtual universe that harmoniously adapts to every device, from the broad screen of a desktop to the palm cradling a smartphone’s display.

No longer just a simple showcase, but a journey’s companion for every filmmaker. Here you will find not just a space for your works but all the necessary information to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the film world. The new site is a compass for orienting oneself amongst deadlines, participation categories, and practical advice to make your experience at TUC FEST unforgettable.

Every corner of the site has been tailored for you, who year after year bring to life the stage of our festival with passion and dedication. Flip through the digital pages of our site and let yourself be inspired by the simplicity with which you can now register your films, discover jury members, or simply explore past editions, with a historical archive that celebrates the beauty and diversity of independent cinema.

TUC FEST is renewed, but its essence remains the same: a place for meeting, exchange, and celebration of the cinematic art. Welcome to the new chapter of our story, written together with and for you, the filmmakers of tomorrow.

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